Halloween on the Road: My Top 5 Spooky Artists

Anyssa Bilka

Hey all you guys and ghouls! Although I’m taking a break from stationary life and exploring the country, I still love to celebrate the holidays. While van life makes it a bit difficult to decorate or do most traditional activities during those special days, finding new ways to celebrate is crucial. Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year and to get in the spirit while traveling, I’ve been listening to musical artists who live everyday like it’s Halloween. Although there are so many spooky bands and solo artists to choose from, here are my top five.

Daft Punk

Are you surprised to see the French electronic duo on a Halloween music list? Well if you ask me, Daft Punk is dedicated to the craft of not only music, but of costume and mystery. The pair have created a unique musical experience and identity simply by wearing signature robot masks. Although their appearance may not be wickedly scary, they’re definitely ready for a costume party. It’s a no-brainer that any Daft Punk song on your playlist is going to be a hit at your party and it also gives a nice break between all the heavy, ghoulish songs. 



The Aquabats!

Securing their place at number four are The Aquabats!, the unsung heroes of Ska. Famous for their superhero-esque costumes and dance-inducing sound, they make dressing up in matching costumes look super fun! If you’re looking for scary fun tracks to add to your Halloween playlist, check out “Fashion Zombies!” and “Skeleton Inside!” Their live shows are wildly electric and often feature monster mascots that pump up the crowd. Being scared has never been so fun!



It should come as no surprise KISS makes it to the top three of my ghoulish list. I’m a sucker for older music and all things creepy! If you know anything about KISS, it’s that their live performances just cannot be matched. With sinister face paint, demonic costumes, pyrotechnics, and fake blood, everything about them screams Halloween! Let’s not forget Gene Simmons (A.K.A. The Demon) and his super scary, abnormally large tongue. Theatrics and costumes aside, the music totally rocks and just listening to it puts me in a Halloween mood.


Alice Cooper

You had to have seen this one coming, right? Landing at number two with classic hits like “Feed My Frankenstein” and “Poison,” Alice Cooper has solidified his place among the leaders of Halloween. To make his music really come to life, Cooper puts on quite a grizzly yet entertaining performance decked with props ranging from live snakes, loads of fake blood and even a fake, decapitated head modeled after his own. Paired with a microphone and a straight jacket, Alice Cooper is sure to put the fright in your Halloween night.


Rob Zombie

Move over Marilyn Manson! Make room for Rob Zombie, the true king of Halloween (in my opinion anyway) and number one on my list. If you’re looking for a real scare, this is your man. Before becoming a solo artist in 1998 he played in the popular band White Zombie and also worked as a production assistant on the hit children’s TV show Pee Wee’s Playhouse. A triple threat, Rob Zombie is not only a singer, he is a songwriter and filmmaker specializing in horror flicks. You can get creepy to hits like “Living Dead Girl” and “Superbeast” all while you throw on his film “House of 1000 Corpses” in the background. Rob Zombie has even created haunted house events around the Halloween season themed after his movies. There is simply no question that this guy rules the holiday.


There you have it, ghosts and ghouls, my top five Halloween musical picks. All are devilishly wonderful in their own way and capture the spirit of Halloween. Whether you’re picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch or taking a midnight stroll through your local cemetery, throw on a few songs from these bands and they’ll be sure to make you scream. Got more for my list? Let me know who your top artists are in the comments.